Po-han Lin

Research Associate


  • B.S., Chemical Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taiwan 2002
  • M.S., Chemical Engineering, Texas Tech University 2007
  • Ph.D, Chemical Engineering, Texas Tech University 2011

Research Interests

Organic glasses show an interesting crystallization behavior that they can still crystallize even when their molecular mobility is remarkably low. What’s even surprising phenomenon is the rate of diffusion-less crystallization is even higher than that of diffusion-controlled crystallization at higher temperatures. In this project, we implement the technique of molecular dynamics (MD) simulation to investigate the dynamics of ortho-terphenyl (OTP) crystallization. The main focus is to elucidate the underlying mechanism of diffusion-controlled and diffusion-less crystallization in molecule level.


Dr. Po-han Lin
Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering
University of Wisconsin-Madison
1112 Engineering Hall
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tel: +1 608 262-9147
fax: +1 608 262-5434
email: Po-han Lin